Will Jared Padalecki Live Through ‘Friday the 13th’?

Source: BuddyTv.Com

Jason Voorhees can run. That was one of the big revelations from the final day of the San Diego Comic-Con, as Supernatural star Jared Padalecki appeared alongside cast members and producers from the new Friday the 13th reboot. A teaser trailer was unveiled during the panel, which highlighted the producers’ attempts to ground the horror flick in reality. Gone is the slow, zombie-like killer from the older films, and in his place is a hulking maniac who isn’t afraid to sprint after a frightened teenager. It’s a big change for the series, but the Comic-Con audience responded enthusiastically to the footage.

After the trailer was shown, an audience member asked the question that many Supernatural fans are probably wondering: Will Jared Padalecki’s character survive his face-off with Jason?

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