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AusielloFiles posted a “Supernatural” spoiler:

Question: I need some Supernatural scoop. —D. Stephens
The show’s 100th episode (slated to air in March or April) will be a big one for Jensen Ackles. To find out why, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.

One thought on ““Supernatural” Spoiler

  1. Darc

    Ah I already know abiut this spoiler. Llike a milon times they say they would take another month or so ah right. I don”t beilve that they just got cut off in middle of seasom five what is with that. I am a fan of these guys and they don’t seme to care. and I am pretty upset with Jensen getting engaged. And now this is going on agian. I know I shoulden’tt feel tbat way It is pretty emabrssing having everbody look at this commet all the time . Honstly I am not jeilous or obessed i don’t want to be like the super fan Becky dives me a little crazy at times.. I just I feel really bad about this and how nice I want to be to thse guys it is there lives and how busy there are. I understand. I am leaving LA in less of a week. so there just taking abreak there no holiday epodises. I was hopping for oh well we all can forget that for ever happening. th enext time we will see this won’be until januray the new year yipe I guess I will never get to meet guys ever. I am lost to them forever. I guess I will never willl get a chance I don’t care if I end up alone not being alone I at least tired. so many things I have coomon with these guys. Still they don’t care they don’t even know me since I had been wrting to them how emabrssing is that and how never reacking this turned ou to be and I have Jensen’s Gummy bears well It is not worth saving them for I miight as well go for it and take a huge mouth full of a bit of them while I am t it . Jared is my favorite now. but I can’t fight this feeling anympmore about Jensen I will fight for supernatural to come back on if thers is anything I can do about it they useailly come coe back eaier not later. this is crappy.

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