Supernatural Preview: When Sam and Dean Met Jared and Jensen

The episode, called “The French Mistake,” is a smart, self-aware farce reminiscent of the episodes where Sam and Dean became production assistants on the set of a genuinely haunted horror movie and the installment where the boys blipped into TV show universes, including a Grey’s Anatomy parody and a Japanese game show (wherein Sam was literally punched in the nuts). In this outing, dueling angels dump Sam and Dean onto the set of a TV show called Supernatural, which stars two lightweight actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, is shot in Vancouver (Dean, in a tone of the greatest aggravation: “Dude, we’re not even in America”) and is led by a grandfatherly figure named Bobby Singer.

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  1. The French mistake was by far one of my favorite episodes.. It was refreshing to see this parody, in my household we are all great and loyal fans of the show. We really had a good laugh with this one. Great job!

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