“Supernatural” Looks for Cupid

Supernatural will be treating fans with a horrifying episode that explores the nature of love and desire just in time for Valentine’s Day. Not much has been revealed about the episode back then except for the fact that it’s entitled “My Bloody Valentine.” Recently, however, more details have surfaced.

Warning: Spoilers Below

According to TV Guide Magazine, Supernatural is currently casting for the role of Cupid, a character that will pay a visit to the Winchester brothers on Valentine’s Day. If you’re already thinking of a little kid actor playing the little winged cherub, think again!

In Supernatural, Cupid will appear as a “doughy, out of shape and naked” mythical character that “greets everyone with enormous bear hugs.” Can you imagine a big naked fat dude giving out hugs to Sam and Dean? Sounds like “My Bloody Valentine” could turn out to be one of funnier episodes of the fifth season. On the other hand, I’m inclined to think that something sinister and dark awaits Sam and Dean, especially since this episode also features one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a withered and nasty old character named Famine.
Who should play Cupid? Any casting suggestions for Famine?

Source: buddytv.com

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