Bad day at black road captures…

I’ve added 391 captures from last nights Supernatural to the gallery.


I have added more DVD captures of Jared in Gilmore Girls. The below episodes were added. Season one is now complete, so I will start on season two soon!

1×17 The Breakup, Part II
1×20 P.S. I Lo…
1×21 Love, Daisies and Troubadours


Hey everyone!
I have added lots of DVD captures of Jared in Gilmore Girls. These are the caps thta have been added so far, more will be added soon!

1×01 Pilot
1×05 Cinnamon’s Wake
1×06 Rory’s Birthday Parties
1×07 Kiss and Tell
1×09 Rory’s Dance
1×10 Forgiveness and Stuff
1×12 Double Date
1×14 That Damn Donna Reed
1×15 Christopher Returns
1×16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

Capture Update

I added these last week the Supernatural Premiere Captures but I didn’t get around to updating about it. I also captured House of Wax as well, more updates this weekend because I won’t be around tomorrow or Friday.

270x – 3.01 The Magnificent Seven

499x – House of Wax DVD Captures

More updates this weekend I promise along with the pages being finished up.

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