In other news, remember Jared Padalecki’s Christmas movie? Lionsgate has quietly removed it from its big-screen offerings and changed it to a direct-to-video title. Ouch.

We figured something was wrong with the picture when it wasn’t actually released last Christmas. We can’t imagine there was any problem with the acting — Jared starred alongside movie luminaries Peter O’Toole and Marcia Gay Harden — so we’re guessing something went terribly awry with the story, which is inspired by the life of Thomas Kinkade (the “Painter of Light”) or the production, which Kinkade was heavily involved in. And while we weren’t exactly salivating for the Thomas Kinkade Story, we are bummed for Jared — this sounded like his chance for mainstream movie success. Maybe next time, Jared!

Source: Blogs.TRB.Com

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