Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Return to “Supernatural”?

Morgan is perhaps best known as Edward Blake aka the Comedian from Zack Snyder’s adaption of ‘Watchmen’. But a lot of people don’t know that Morgan previously stared in the Fantasy/Horror/Comedy ‘Supernatural’ as John Winchester, the father of the series main characters Dean and Sam played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Season five of the popular show premiered last week on the CW and it seems that this may be it’s last. The show’s creator Eric Kripke stating that he had always envisioned the series ending after five years. What many fans, want to know is this: will Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to the show as John Winchester before its all over?

Morgan last appearance on the show was season two when John’s soul escaped from hell and appeared to go to heaven, although that fact was never confirmed. It would be nice to see him, but it is unknown at the moment with Morgan’s busy schedule.

MovieWeb’s Jami Philbrick ogt this exclusive interview with John Winchester himeslf on whetehr or not he would be returning:

Jami Philbrick: “Jeffrey, do you have any plans on returning to Supernatural? Or are you too busy with your film career now to make an appearance?”
Jeffrey Dean Morgan:
“I don’t know? I just read somewhere that (Eric) Kripke wants me back. That guy, I think he’s probably lying, but if it is in fact the last year, I’d like to come back. If it really is going to be cancelled after this year then I’d like to come back. I’ve been saying for the last four years that that storyline got cut out too soon. I’d love to go back for at least one episode or something. I love those guys. I love Jared and Jenson so much. We’ll see. No one has contacted me.”

Jami Philbrick: “There have been rumors that Kripke’s planning on wrapping up the arc that started with season one, this season, and possibly doing a new kind of series after that.”
Jeffrey Dean Morgan:
“I heard that, too. Getting new actors and everything. Jared and Jenson wouldn’t even be in it, just to fulfill his seven years. I don’t know if that’s even allowed and, by the way, I can’t imagine Warner Brothers saying, “Yeah, that’s cool. You can get rid of Jared and Jenson.” They were going to take on secondary characters, maybe? I just don’t see that happening. If you take out Jared and Jenson, you’re going to lose 90 percent of your audience, probably. I can’t imagine them doing that, but it makes for great news if you say that kind of stuff. I can’t imagine that. Warner Brothers is just like, “Yeah, whatever dude. We’ll see you next year.” But yeah, I’d love to go back. I don’t know how I’d find the time, but we’ll see.”

Well I for one hope to see him return to the show at least once.

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