Jared Padalecki: “Supernatural” Meets Friday the 13th

Tall (over 6 feet) super cute actor Jared Padalecki has no doubt come to your attention playing Sam on the spooky TV series “Supernatural” for the last four seasons. His buddy/bro on the show Jensen Ackles just starred in the “re-imagining” of My Bloody Valentine. Not to be one-upped, here comes Jared riding a motorcycle up to the dreaded Crystal Lake in the re-make of the first film in one of the classic horror franchises Friday the 13th!

Sitting down with us in Beverly Hills, Jared was stoked about his film and clued us in on the funny side of shooting a horror film. He let us know that he’s buds with Derek Mears who plays the frightening, hockey-mask-wearing Jason Voorhees and that shooting in his native Texas was a great break from his Vancouver “Supernatural” set. Get the insider on and off-set scoop from this hot hunk……

TeenHollywood: How weird is it that your ‘Supernatural’ co-star Jensen Ackles had a horror movie come out right before yours?

Jared: I know, yeah. When we found out that we were coming out on February 13th and his movie is, obviously, called My Bloody Valentine, we were like ‘oh, man, I hope they don’t come up against each other’ because we’re buddies and it’s not really going to effect anything but I don’t really want the stigma. But, luckily, his already came out and did tremendously. Now, it’s my turn.

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