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Updates On Site

Hey Everyone!

Finally, life has settled down and I’m in the process of a major revamp of the site. Everything is going to get a facelift (new main layout, new image gallery layout) plus I’m gathering a solid staff to help with news updates as well as update the gallery.

I want to thank many of you for being so patient with me. I’ve been working steadily on fundraising efforts for a cause I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear about, as Jared himself supports the same cause. I’ve been raising funds for a no-kill animal shelter located in Louisiana called St Tammany Humane Society. I discovered this shelter through another actor I admire greatly, Ian Somerhalder.

Because of my efforts raising funds for his hometown shelter, Ian himself invited me to be part of his new foundation team, Ian Somerhalder Foundation. That is what has been keeping me away from this site and a few others that I run.

Things have settled down a bit and I’m now getting myself organized and ready to take on the world. Jared Fan will soon return to its original glory and we’ll be on top of things all Jared.

I’m very excited to also announce that in August 2011 I’ll be attending VanCon and will in fact meet Mr Padalecki himself. All I can say about that is *squee*! 🙂 Naturally, when that rolls around I’ll have some awesome coverage from the event.

Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned as I get things in order here! 🙂

Site News: New Owner

Hello Jared Fans!

I’m so excited about getting this site back! I currently own Salted ‘n Burned and Alluring Jensen Ackles and am excited about bringing Jared into the family.

I am bringing with me a dedicated staff and we’ll be getting right to it with updates.

Supernatural returns to the CW on September 24th and on a new night, Fridays.

While there are no promotional material available yet, you can catch up on comic-con news, and Supernatural info at Salted ‘n Burned.

I’ll be moving some updates over here and will also be working on the image gallery.

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2010. On behalf of Jared Padalecki Fan I hope you all have a prosperous year.

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone,

On behalf of Jared Padalecki Fan, I just wanted to wish all visitors and fans of Jared and this site a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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