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Video + Caps: ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Trailer + We’re Back Featurette

Video + Caps: ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Trailer + We’re Back Featurette

Let me apologize for my slacking this week! I had a bit of a family emergency and I’m very behind on everything (SPN caps will be up soon and I’m looking for help so give me a buzz!), but the official trailer for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is out (and below) as well as the ‘We’re Back’ featurette I missed (also below), plus HD caps of Jared (Dean Forester) being beautimous in both videos are in the gallery:

Make sure to show Netflix and the cast and writers love on social media and stream this legally on Netflix starting November 25th. Legal streaming is a vote for more shows like this and a vote for more offers and opportunities for Jared and the rest of the cast!

Twitter: Jared on set of The Gilmore Girls (old)

A great photo tweeted by Jared back in February that I totally missed. Here he is next to his trailer (I think?) on set of The Gilmore Girls: Seasons (Fall) – who else is crossing their fingers for Dean & Rory?

“The Christmas Cottage” Network Debut

If haven’t seen Jared’s heartfelt movie “The Christmas Cottage” then get your DVR, PVR OR VCR’s ready because you’ll have not 1 but 2 chances to catch it during Lifetime Tv’s ‘Falalala Lifetime‘ spread in December. The Christmas Cottage will make it’s network debut December 19th at 9pm et/pt and will also repeat on Christmas Day at 9pm et/pt.

“Friday the 13th” – Part 2

It is still unknown if Jared will reprise his role as Clay Miller, though it’s rumored at the moment, but New Line Cinema and Warners Bros. announced Friday the 13th Part 2:

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. made it official today. Friday the 13th Part 2, a sequel to this year’s Friday the 13th, is slated to hit on August 13, 2010.

Brad Fuller and Andrew Form tipped us off back in June right here, that if all goes according to plan, that was the date they were looking at. Fuller stresses to us, however, that the sequel still does not have a greenlight.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will return to write. And Derek Mears will absolutely be back to reprise his role as Jason Voorhees, contrary to the many wild rumors running around on the web.

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