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New Gallery Layout

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t already noticed, Jared Padalecki Fan has a brand new layout in the photo gallery. It was made by the wonderful and talented, Samantha at Sunflower Girl Designs. I absolutely love her creation and hope everyone else does too!

Stop by the photo gallery and check it out!

Episode 5.02 – Good God Ya’ll

I have been working on the Supernatural section of the gallery because it needs a lot of work. I just came across this episode stills from the upcoming episode of Supernatural, “5.02 – Good God Ya’ll” and have added them into the gallery. Check them out!

Friday the 13th

As many of you may know Friday the 13th came out on DVD Today so I hope you all went and picked up a copy or rented to support Jared. I’ve added Captures to the gallery from the movie so check them out and enjoy. I’m having a few issues posting a preview but check out the captures here.

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