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Comic-Con 2011: ‘Supernatural’s’ Jared Padalecki on His Love of Boba Fett and ‘The Little Show That Could’

Jared Padalecki and Boba Fett? Seriously? Oh yeah, seriously! Jared, I seriously love you MORE!

With hundreds of thousands of people attending San Diego Comic-Con every year and the July 20-24 event kicking off this week, The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the big names in television to discuss their favorite memories and tips for attending the annual event. THR’s Live Feed will talk Comic-Con with actors, writers and producers in the days leading up to the event so check back soon for interviews and the latest news on panels and screenings.

THR: What were your first impressions of Comic-Con?
I’m a total sci-fi/fantasy/comic book geek; I collected comic books growing up; I’ve got every Star Wars incarnation of the trilogy; and I’ve read all the Lord of the Rings books and have a tattoo – I’m just kidding about that! – I was digging through my brother’s wallet and saw one of his passwords was Gandalf, and I teased him about it but I’ve done the same thing.

THR: What stands out from your first Comic-Con?
We lovingly call ourselves The Little Show That Could because we have always been up against big heavy-hitting. We always knew we had a loyal following but I had no idea how loyal it was. I remember being onstage and seeing people standing up in the back of the auditorium and then looking at the front row and seeing [Warner Bros. Television CEO] Peter Roth sitting there looking around with a look on his face that he didn’t realize how huge the fan base was.

THR: What’s the best thing a fan has said to you at Comic-Con?
Jensen and I have started going to conventions and meeting lots of fans worldwide. What amazes me every time I hear it is that the show has gotten them through hard times and that they have connected with my character, Sam Winchester, and been strengthened and emboldened by his courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles. That always means a lot. Sam Winchester, MD, JD, CPA, FBI – everything depending on the episode!

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Supernatural Videos: CW’s Look at Supernatural During Comic-Con

Raise your hand if you love Supernatural!! *raises both hands*

Seeing this video makes me smile for many reasons. =)

‘Supernatural’ Interview: Jared Padalecki at Comic-Con

Catching up with Comic-Con coverage and will be posting a few articles to catch up!

First is from BuddyTV!

Shortly before Supernatural took the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H by storm, the cast and producers took the time to meet with reporters. Jared Padalecki shared his thoughts on Comic-Con and where Supernatural is going in the upcoming season.

Personally, what is your favorite urban legend?
Jared Padalecki: My favorite urban legend… I don’t even know if it’s an urban legend, but my dad used to have a Twilight Zone episode called “The Shadow Man.” Did you ever watch it? It was fun. And I’ve always loved it. I’ve always liked that idea. I’ve always really been into that concept. It’d be difficult to do because you’re trying to look like a shadow! So there’d be a lot of… there’d be a big visual effects budget.

No “Hook for Hands?”
Jared Padalecki: You know what, “Hook Man” actually, I mean having done it, it feels weird to say it, but “Hook Man” was probably my favorite. “Hook Man” and “Bloody Mary” were probably my favorite coming in. Because Bloody Mary, everybody does as kids, at least in Texas we did, go to the bathroom and say it, you know? When your eyes start to adjust you run out… So that one was a fun one. And “Hook Man” was another Scary Story to Tell in the Dark so.

I hear there’s a Sam episode where we meet a girl from his past. Can you talk about some of what you’ve been seeing and exploring in that episode of Sam?
Jared Padalecki: Sam has always been… Sam, even now, after Hell and Lucifer and soulless and Ruby, he’s always… well, you kinda can’t change somebody fundamentally. They can choose to behave differently, but Sam has always been the optimist. He’s always been the, “wait a second, there’s gotta be more to this story.” He’s always believed that, and whether it’s Ruby who’s gotten him in trouble, or Cas, and now Cas is showing some different colors, but Sam has always chosen to see the good.

On that note, there’s somebody from his past that he runs into that, even as a child, when Sam was… I think he was 15 years old at the time. He chose to see the good in somebody and now it’s coming back to bite him once again. It’s like one of the tricks Supernatural keeps playing on myself and on Sam Winchester is that, every time he chooses to believe in the best quality of somebody it kind of comes back to bite him. And it’s not gonna change him, because that’s fundamentally who he is. But we get to see that first hand. Once again, basically.

Misha Collins talked a little bit about the change of dynamic between Sam and Dean having less power this season. Can you talk a little bit about that?
Jared Padalecki: Misha’s stupid. Just kidding. Uhh, Sam and Dean having less power?

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Supernatural Preview: When Sam and Dean Met Jared and Jensen

The episode, called “The French Mistake,” is a smart, self-aware farce reminiscent of the episodes where Sam and Dean became production assistants on the set of a genuinely haunted horror movie and the installment where the boys blipped into TV show universes, including a Grey’s Anatomy parody and a Japanese game show (wherein Sam was literally punched in the nuts). In this outing, dueling angels dump Sam and Dean onto the set of a TV show called Supernatural, which stars two lightweight actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, is shot in Vancouver (Dean, in a tone of the greatest aggravation: “Dude, we’re not even in America”) and is led by a grandfatherly figure named Bobby Singer.

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