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Video: SPN S11 Outtake ‘Which Way?’

Jared & Jensen Do NOT Have Twitter Accounts

Jared and Jensen Ackles took to the web to confirm that neither one have a Twitter, Facebook or MySpace accounts. If you are following or are friends with anyone claiming to be either of the boys, please be advised they are fake accounts. Below is a video confirmation from Jared and Jensen:

“Supernatural” Video Preview: How Sam Met His Mother

Next week’s Supernatural episode brings back Castiel, Anna and one very cool angel power: time travel. Unlike season 4’s “In the Beginning,” this time both Sam and Dean are traveling back in time to protect Mary and John from an assassination plot to prevent the boys from ever being born.

After coming back from the long winter break, Supernatural has been stuck in stand alone episodes about a psychiatric hospital and body swapping, so it’s good to see the show getting back to the on-going mythology.

It also means we’ll get to see young John and young Mary again, a few years after the events of “In the Beginning.” Check out these two new clips featuring the boys transporting back in time and meeting their young parents.

Teen Magazine Interview

What’s the scariest thing to happen to Jared? Find out below.

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