“5.03 – Free to Be You and Me” Review

I can’t hide my disappointment that the scrumptious Adrianne Palicki was only in a cameo in this episode of SUPERNATURAL. I was expecting her to be in the episode as more than just a vessel for Lucifer. I was hoping that she would be part of the show for a number of episodes. I guess I was hoping she’d join the team for a number of episodes before going away. But that’s my own selfish desire to see her on camera more.

But alas I guess that’s someone I’ll have to live with.

While “Free To Be You and Me” was a fairly so-so episode in terms of general content and storyline. The big news we learned at the end. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is not only the person that unlocked the final seal to free Lucifer but he is the ultimate vessel for the Prince of Lies himself. Ouch. That’s not good. And, oh those sneaky SUPERNATURAL creators. Have us swinging in one direction with the revelation that Dean (Jensen Ackles) is the vessel for the most powerful archangel in Heaven (who will lead the campaign against Lucifer). Then pull us in another direction that will place Sam in the opposite corner as the vessel for Satan himself.

Nicely done. I didn’t see it coming. Especially after it appeared that Lucifer had found his vessel already. Now the question is this, is it just a trick? Is Lucifer telling Sam this so that he doesn’t team up with Dean again or is it actually true? And does this mean we will truly see Sam’s complete descent into darkness come about? I guess we will have to keep watching. I loved the twist but the episode itself left a lot to be desired.

First, we find out that Nietzsche was right and God is dead. At least that’s according to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel (thanks Dean), Raphael. Raphael is trapped by Castiel (Misha Collins) and Dean in order to find out the location of God. But Raphael tells them that God is dead and there is no reason to search for him. Something Castiel doesn’t believe and with Dean’s encouragement sets off to find him.

Castiel and Dean as partners. It just doesn’t work. Castiel is far too mundane and drab. While Sam can be mundane and drab as well at least he’s got a little life in him and shows emotions. Obviously, Dean is the comedic relief of the bunch but at least Sam gives some life to the duo and is a straight man to Dean’s antics. Castiel is just straight. As in straight laced, straight arrow, straight face. Yes, yes I know he’s an angel. Although the moment with Dean and Cas in the strip joint/sex shop was pure hilarity.

Meanwhile, Sam, before he talks with Lucifer, tries to stay away from any and all activity that involves hunting demons. But when a den of demons is discovered, instead of eliminating the demons himself he calls Bobby (Jim Beaver) to send in hunters. When the hunters get there and attack the demons, they inform the hunters that Sam was the one that unleashed Hell on Earth and they return to seek some pay back. But Sam fights them off.

Meh, not a lot of interesting demon fighting or furthering of the mythology but it was more of a set-up to things to come in the fifth season. Hopefully next week it will get back on track.

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