Jan 5th: Photos: Non-Jared Gilmore Girls Reuinion Set Photos

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You might already know about the Gilmore Girls reunion episodes which are, supposedly, set to air in 90 minute blocks with one airing each season for a year. There have been rumblings that Jared might reprise his role as Dean Forester, Rory’s first boyfriend and I would be so stoked if that were true! I was always Team!Dean. :)

Here’s some neat photos to tide you over (they don’t have Jared in them, unfortunately) and you can read more about it at Huffington Post!

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Nov 24th: Video: Padalecki Family Sponsored Minute Maid Vid

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Sorry I’m not around a lot, you guys, I’ve been really sick and really busy so I’m lax on my caps but this is too adorable! Gen and the kids join Jared for a this sweet family Sponsored Minute Made video:

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Oct 31st: Video: SPN S11 Outtake ‘Which Way?’

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Sep 26th: Photos: Comic-Con 2015 & Dallas Con 2015

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Just uploaded about 500+ photos of Jared ( along with Rob, Misha, Jensen and the rest ) at Comic-Con in July and Dallas Con earlier this month – the Dallas Con photos were taken by the ah-maze-ing Elsiecat who takes lots of great con photos! We’re also broadcasting to you from a new URL, if you have JaredFan.org linked please change that to Jared-Padalecki.us!

July 12, 2015 – SPN @ Comic Con

September 13, 2015 – J2 Panel @ Dallas Con

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